Kate Middleton Haircut

What is Kate Middleton Hair Color?
Since she become a Royal duchess many women are jealous with her elegant and beautiful look including for her hairstyle. Most of the time Kate just let her wavy long hair free flowing which is represent of her image as a humble princess that close to people’s heart. So, are you one of them who want to have Kate’s hair color? Actually, her hair color is simply warm brown shades. Here is a Kate Middleton close up face photo to shows you for her hair color.

Kate Middleton Close Up Face

I’m sure most of us are agree that she has a beautiful natural shiny hair but recently, Kate Middleton is a true princess with naturally long locks. However a British reporter said the opposite, “For goodness sake, she’s a member of the Royal Household now, not Cheryl Cole. Every time I see her fondling her hair I’m waiting for her to look into the cameras and coo: ‘Because I’m worth it.’”

Tell what do you think about Kate Middleton long hair? Is it good or bad?

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