Korean Girlband SNSD Members Hairstyles (p1)

Looking for edgy and cute Korean hairstyles? Why don’t you copy from one of SNSD member hairstyles below>

Korean fever is everywhere. It’s fresh, unique and adorable. Turn your look into a super cute chic girl with Korean hairstyle from SNSD member which is currently as the most popular Korean girlband. Let’s see and find out the nine members of SNSD or Girl’s Generation. each member has different unique personality and together they are complement each other.


snsd taeyeon hairstyle
Real name : Kim Tae Yeon
Birth: March 9, 1989
She is represent cute and calm personality. She like to wear simple hairstyle as shown in a picture below simple side ponytail and straight bangs.

SNSD hyoyeon hairstyle
Real Name: Kim Hyo-yeon
Birth : September 22, 1989
Hyoyeon is more mature and adult. Mostly she just let her hair down as she has beautiful natural black hair. Sometimes she dyes her hair to soft blonde and make it wavy.

SNSD Seohyun Hairstyle
Real Name :Seo Joo-hyun
Birth: June 28, 1991
She is also like to make her hair flowing free. She has shiny healthy long hair. Combine this natural hairstyle with minimum make up for truly Asian beauty.

SNSD sooyoung Hair
Real Name: Choi Soo-young
Birth : February 10, 1990
She like to wear short to medium hairstyles because she has round face shape so short hair is just perfect for her. She also often dyes her hair to red.

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