Choppy Bob Haircut For Fine Hair

Many women feel unhappy for their fine or thin hair because it’s limit the haircut option for them or they find difficulty to find a hairdo that is suit with the hair texture. It’s among hairstylist secret that the best way to style fine hair is by getting a medium style haircut. And the most favorite choppy bob haircut for fine hair is to go with bob cut. You can find below different variations of bob cut for mid length hair.

Sleek Choppy Bob Haircut
choppy Bob Medium Haircut

Sleek Bob Medium Hair
Sleek choppy bob is the basic or traditional cut that covers the ears and reaches somewhere between the chin and the shoulders. All variations of bob cut today is a twist from sleek bob. However, you can still go with sleek bob without worrying of out dated. It’s versatile timeless trend.

Choppy Bob Cut
Choppy Bob Medium Hair

Choppy Bob Cut
One of edgy variation of bob is to get irregular, choppy ends. It works perfectly for fine hair since it gives style and shape also very easy to maintain because of its messy look so it only takes a minute to style it.

Cropped Style

Cropped Bob
This style requires shorter hair than sleek bob. It’s great for younger women because cropped style can pull off this stylish look. This style also perfectly frame your face and draw attention to your eyes facial skin. Put this style if you confident with it.

Layered Bob Cut
Layered Medium Bob

For save choice, you may consider layered mid-length style. You can choose to have hair length just to or below the shoulder. Layered style will give your hair the desired volume and make it look full.

So which one is your favorite medium bob hairstyles for fine hair? Please participate to poll below.

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