What Is Jennifer Aniston Hair Color?

As we published article about Jennifer Aniston medium hairstyles we have received many email asking about Jen’s hair color. No doubt that she has attractive hair, what makes her really beauty is, it’s match with her skin tone and eyes color. In fact, some of fashion magazines state Jennifer hair as the most beautiful Hollywood hair color. So ladies, before you changed your hair color like Jen make sure it’s appropriate with your profile.

So, what is Jennifer Aniston hair color? It’s a light brown base with golden-blond highlights, and few baby-blond highlights at the hair tips.

Here is one Jennifer beautiful pic. As you can see actually it’s quite simple to have Jen’s hairstyle, simple straight sleek hair.

Jennifer Aniston Hair Color

Not enough? Below are some Jennifer Aniston pictures with different hairstyles in many occasions this year.

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